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Remember you need to reverse the pitch channel in Arducopter

broken-propellerThis is what you get by flying indoor without doing a proper check of all systems before taking off.

While I was doing the test to see if yaw, roll and pitch were working fine, I pulled the pitch stick, expecting it to pitch backward, but instead it pitched forward, and crashed on the radiator, and destroyed the propeller.

It is a bit confusing, because everything worked fine, except for this little nuance of have that channel reversed.

After a bit of searching I realized that the pitch has to be reversed because that’s how it’s setup in the ArduCopter code.

If you go in the First time setup page, in the RC calibration section, you this line:

CH 2: Pitch Forward = low PWM – Pitch Back = High PWM

Low PWM means “stick back”, thus, pulling the stick would pitch forward, which is what I experienced.

But if want to stay sane, you probably need to reverse the channel used for pitch: you can do it either in the Mission Planner, changing the parameter in the advanced options or directly in your radio configuration.



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