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Testing Arducopter using a bench power supply

ArduCopterBenchSupplyWhile testing the Arducopter I’ve seen that soon after the first basic tests with the Mission Planner and the USB, testing with a real power supply was needed. But I didn’t want to charge and re-charge my LiPo batteries just for testing on the bench. The same problem with the radio tx: it runs on 8 stilo AA batteries, and spending 10€ for a day of testing the TX seems a bit too much.

So I decided to make two cables to allow powering both the radio and the copter from my bench power supply.

I basically created 2 power cables, one that goes into the battery socket and one that goes into the radio power plug: on one side the respective plugs and sockets (a JST connector for the radio and a XT60 connector for the battery) and on the other side two banana plugs that go into the power supply.

Actually for the TX I adapted the one I used for testing the OpenROV.

ArduCopterBenchSupply_Copter ArduCopterBenchSupply_Radio

As you can see from the pictures, the routing of ESCs/Motors cables and APM to receiver is still a bit messy, just as I left it after the last : I just wanted to see if everything was working before tidying up everything. Also I need to find a way to fix the APM to the frame and still keep some space for the received.


6 comments on “Testing Arducopter using a bench power supply

  1. Tom
    December 15, 2012

    I was just wondering where did you get your alim. It seems nice, clean and just enough for building/testing ROV or any unmanned vehicles

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  3. andrew
    January 4, 2013

    have a new hexa doing final setup.. have a bench supply also.. what are safe amp and volt settings ? i have 880KV x 6 motors


    • simonech
      January 8, 2013

      I’m using max amp available on the power supply (3A) and 12V.
      But I use it just for testing without propellers. I doubt it will be able to take off with just 3Amps

      • Andrew
        January 8, 2013


        I have props off 🙂 my bench supply can 30amps. However I will stick with 3..

        Ps. If you interested in selling beta ROV I would like 2 purchase

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