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A better OpenROV cape wiring

The OpenROV cape comes without any connector and last week when I tested the cape I just soldered wires directly to the cape. But it was not very neat, as I had to use alligator clips to connect it to the power supply. Also having the LEDs soldered directly to the cape makes it difficult to mount it in the E-Chassis and also difficult to change LEDs or plug-in something else.

So today I sat down and de-soldered the wires and mounted the JST connectors.

I didn’t solder anything on the AUX2 port as for the moment I don’t need anything and also because the JST connector doesn’t fit in the AUX2 port because it’s too close to the other connector and there is not enough clearance from the component on the back and below the pins would interfere with the BeagleBone power supply once the cape is on the main board.

Watch out for the little clearance

Watch out for the little clearance

Probably the solution here will be to solder a small cable with a connector… or wait for a rev 2 of the cape with more clearance (and hopefully pins that have the right spacing for soldering connectors and not meant only for direct soldering wires)


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