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How the OpenROV software works: my presentation at the Node.js Conference Italy

Today I had the honor and pleasure to present OpenROV at the Node.js Conference Italy: I presented how the OpenROV software works, especially focusing on the the Node.js part of it.

The Node.js Conference Italy

The conference was amazing, with almost 200 people attending, and a lot standing because there was a very low drop rate and the room was, with many speakers coming from the big players on Node.js.

It was a great experience, and I got great feedback from the attendees, which liked the idea of having the an underwater robot running on an embedded linux and Node.js… “finally something new and different from the usual multicopters” (cit.)

Useful links

A lot of people liked the idea of the treasure hunting in the underwater cave: here you have a detailed report on the legend of Hall City Cave, a report of a preliminary exploration, and a video of a presentation in which Eric and David talk about that legend (and also how the OpenROV project got started).

Some more links:

How my BeagleBone got burnt

I little story behind the preparation of the presentation: as usual I was preparing the demos just a few days before the conference, and, while trying to connect the beaglebone to the arduino, something when wrong, and my beaglebone died. And just 4hrs before catching the flight to Milano, I had to drove to my usual supplier of electronics (from which I buy stuff online), near Ghent, to buy a new BeagleBone (actually I bought 2 of them, just to play safe).


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