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Cutting parts for the new EChassis

Today I spent some time at the FabLab.iMAL cutting the new electronic chassis Eric designed for the kickstarter kits.

Finding the right cutting parameters

But before doing the real cuts, since the last time I cut stuff I had a few problems with the laser settings, I decided to do a test run to try and find out the best power and speed settings for my type of plexiglass. To do this I took inspiration from this nice pattern generator that automatically creates lots of pattern with a range of different speed and power settings.

I created 30 circles and I cut them in a grid, testing values of speed from 10 to 30 mm/s and of power, from 50% to 75% (of a 130W laser cutter). As you can see from the picture, only the first 2 rows (cut at 10 and 15mm/s) are really cut through: in particular, in the first row the pieces felt down on their own, while on the second row I had to push a bit.

At the end I decided to cut using 10 mm/s and 50% of power (which means 65W) which is a lot less than 10 mm/s and 80% as I used the last time: and this time the cut came out less burnt.

The new EChassis

And then I cut the part for the new EChassis plus some spare parts for the main shell.

And after cutting I tried assembling the EChassis, without glue, just to see if everything was cut correctly and all pieces fit.

The various joins are a bit loose but not as much as the other time: so reducing the power helped here. Next time I’ll try raising the speed or lowering the power even more to see if that helps a bit.

This new chassis looks a bit less solid than the other one, but has much more room for the ESCs and the BeagleBone and all the cables that have to fit into the chassis.

I also like the idea of having a removable front plate that is only attached to the main body via a metal clip: this way if you have a different webcam, or what to add something else you only have to redesign this bit and you don’t even have to rebuild the whole chassis.

Next step will be, trying to setup the BeagleBone with all that is needed and start playing with the software.


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