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Acrylics arrived and rubber parts sourced

Taking advantage of a day off-work, today I went shopping around for the tubes for the batteries and for O-Rings and the end caps for the tubes. Best place for such things are plumber and rubber shops.

Rubber and parts for batteries’ tube

For the O-Rings I couldn’t find silicone, but in this case sizes were exactly the same: I got 2.62mm width (with the original US size was 0.103″=2.618mm).

Also I couldn’t find the a nylon tube, so I bought a PVC tube, of 32mm OD and 1.8mm thickness, which is more or less the same size of the tube in the BOM. Too bad I had to buy 4 meters of it… I guess I’ll have enough for 6 ROVs 🙂

I also found, in the same shop I found the O-Rings (shop is called Rubber Center) the end caps for the batteries’ tube.


I also passed by the local UPS to pick the 7kg parcel with all the plastics I ordered. The shipping was pretty quick, and everything very well packed and protected from accidents.

Now I just have to wait for the iMal FabLab to cut the pieces out of the big sheets. I just realized I ordered double the size of everything but the clear white sheet: I hope this is not going to be the one I need to replace immediately.

Now the only thing missing is the package from HobbyKing with motors, ESCs and propellers, and then I can start experimenting with the propulsion section of the ROV.


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