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Saturday shopping: electronics and some more parts

This Saturday morning I went shopping around for some of the missing parts: first a visit to the local electronic shop for the components needed for the Arduswimmer cape and then a visit to Brico to try and find the remaining parts.


I got everything I needed except a strange resistor of 720Ohm which apparently doesn’t exist.

I didn’t find the LED with integrated driver circuit, but I found a LED driver circuit that is pretty small and allows powering four 1W LED: I’ve only got 2 of them, so should be ok.


At Brico I found the threaded rod with the nuts and hex and the epoxy clue (not Loctite but Pattex two compounds epoxy glue with dispenser).

I also bought an heat gun that I’ll use for bending the outer shell once cut. Unfortunately the O-Rings needed are too big for a normal bricolage store, so I think I’ll need to go to a more specialized store. Looking around on the next I found a store near Brussels that sells only rubber, called Rubber Center. There they should the O-Rings and maybe also the nylon tube with caps for the batteries.


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