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OpenROV: a underwater remote controlled vehicle

Today on DiyDrones I found an article about OpenROV, a underwater remote controller vehicle that asked funding on KickStarter, and reached their 20k target in just one day.

I’ve had been following their progress lately, but it looked like they were stuck, or stopped the effort. Most likely they were just doing things not totally in the open, and the Kickstarter is explaining their lack of communication: probably they were busy doing “marketing” instead of doing coding. The project reminds me a lot of ArduPilot of the first days, with still lots of things untested, and big visions.

Definitely got hooked into this: underwater expoloration has always been in my dreams. I read most of the books by Clive Cussler and I love his passion for shipwrecks, and even though I never scuba dived,  the underwater world always excited me: did you know we (as human scientists) know more of what lies on the surface of Mars and other planets than what is beneath below the sea?

Given my experience (at least knowledge as I haven’t really started building my air drone yet) with RC and similar stuff, I decided that I fund the project but just to give them money, not to buy any kit: this time I’ll self source all materials and try build it myself. I’ll cut the acrylic at the iMAL FabLab, and will build all the electronics myself (I’m becoming more and more expert).

So when I’ll be back from my 2 weeks of holidays I’ll start ordering parts and will keep updated with the development of my building.


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