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Choosing the transmitter and receiver

Eight and nine RC transmitter and receivers, especially the ones for aircraft and helicopters are hugely expensive, some even reach 1500€. Definitely I’m not going to buy one of those. But also normally priced transmitters go around 300-400€, which is still a lot of money.

I have no idea of what transmitter to choose, but many in the DiyDrones forum suggested the Turnigy 9X, which is basically the same hardware of many of the more expensive radio, but with a crappy firmware. Usually normal planes and helicopters need the radio to do the mixing but the purpose of the quadcopter there is no need for advanced firmware because it just need to send the position of the sticks and then all the mixing is done on the board. So the crappy firmware is fine.

And it costs only 55USD.

In case I nee a better firmware, there at least 3-4 opensource firmware that I can upload to make it work better, like the gruvin9x or the er9x or the latest open9x, which aims at being the merger of all these firmwares.



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