Drones and ROVs and Arduinos

A journey building drones and ROVs and other open hardware and Arduino based stuff

Starting my journey with Arduino vehicles

A few weeks ago I got hooked on DiyDrones, a community of people building an air drone (both plane and copter) whose “brain” is a pimped Arduino.

At the moment it’s still pretty basic but it has the potential to grow a lot and become a a very powerful engine: the roadmap states they are going to eventually add autonomous missions, fly-by-wire, camera stabilization and more.

I’m pretty new to the world of RC airplanes and RC in general, I have no idea of how to choose a motor, a battery, a transmitter and so on. Besides I’m a software developer, and my main interests is in the brain, not the body… so for the moment I pre-ordered a kit, that should arrive in November.


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